Basic Information


Takanobu Migitera


Data Analyst
Front-End Developer

Educational Background

Graduate of Comparative Cultural Studies, University of Tsukuba

Technical Skills

Data Analysis

Python, Pandas, Matplotlib, scikit-learn, JupyterNotebook, Google Colab, BigQuery, Looker Studio (Google Data Studio), Google Analytics, dbt

Front-end Development

JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Next.js, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Astro, D3.js, Chart.js

Career Overview

In the past, experienced various roles such as director, designer, front-end engineer, and growth manager at several web technology startups. At a social game development company, primarily involved in numerical analysis and improvement.

Most recently, at Goodpatch Inc., responsible for the improvement of enterprise-side management screens of web services, the renewal of websites and apps for female-oriented media services, and the new development of financial BtoC services. Simultaneously, as a senior growth designer, worked on improving growth for various in-house projects and hosted regular growth study sessions to develop talent.

Became independent as a freelancer from November 2016.
Established MIGI LLC in October 2019 and is currently active as a representative employee.

Primary Roles After Becoming Independent

Game Development Company

Participated as a UI Director in a team tasked with resolving client web service issues utilizing expertise gained from game development. Not only responsible for UI-related tasks, but also analyzed over 5 million user purchasing data points from a major retail client for the development of new services. Simultaneously, worked on specification setting and front-end development for KPI management screens.

Women's Media Site Operator

In charge of front-end development, numerical analysis, and improvement for a women's user-generated content media site. Analyzed data from several hundred million PV per month while advancing the development of new features. Also implemented KPI dashboarding using Google Data Studio. In the project, developed a system that uses machine learning to automatically categorize 160,000 article titles.

Design Company

Responsible for numerical analysis and improvement of in-house SaaS products and providing internal member training.

E-commerce Mall Operator

Analyzed vendor behavior data. Mainly responsible for EFO analysis, sales performance analysis, and user drop-out analysis. Also implemented KPI dashboarding using Google Data Studio.

toC App Operator

In charge of end-user behavior analysis and text analysis of user inquiries.

Investment Company

Responsible for the front-end development of employee information management tools.

Marketing Company

Cooperated in numerical analysis and lean canvas creation for a new service for insurance companies.

Babysitting Dispatch Company

Responsible for numerical analysis of the entry form and reporting improvement proposals.

Past Experiences

Goodpatch Inc. (2014/07-2016/10)

As a front-end engineer, was responsible for improving the company-side management screens of web services and renewing women's media services websites and apps. Also, as a senior growth designer, promoted data analysis and growth improvement for various in-house projects, hosting regular growth study sessions to develop talent.

Applica Inc. (2012/04-2014/07)

A smartphone app development company mainly focused on social games. Joined as a director and later handled everything from main directing, level design, front-end development, numerical analysis, numerical design, specification setting, UI design, and ad management for the social game "Shinsho Reisen Amaterasu". Also responsible for numerical analysis/design for various in-house services.

Commerce Design Product Inc. (2010/12-2012/03)

A company that builds and operates websites mainly for shopping centers. As a web director, was responsible for several clients, managing production work (UI design, coding), access analysis, and real-life promotional suggestions. Also involved in front-end development primarily using JavaScript as an in-house developer, upgrading plans and specification settings for in-house developed CMS for shopping centers, and having multiple experiences in constructing smartphone sites using HTML5.

Connecty Inc. (2008/03-2010/11)

A company that develops and deploys its own SaaS CMS and community site building package. Mainly responsible for requirements definition and direction related to web production and site construction, planning, proposal sales (corporate sales) related to community site construction and site CMS-ization, and site production (including coding and some design).

C2cube Inc. (2006/10-2007/11)

A company with proprietary natural language recognition technology. Responsible for new product planning and corporate sales in the deployment of review sites/corporate services using in-house technology, analyzing blogs all over Japan using technology that can highly analyze conversational Japanese. Also, performed promotions using chatbots and planning related to the metaverse. Left the company due to salary payment delay.

KDDI Corporation (2006/4-2006/8)

Resigned shortly after joining the company as a new graduate due to a desire to work in an IT startup.

University of Tsukuba (2001/4-2006/4)

Graduated with a major in Philosophy from the School of Comparative Culture. Focused on studying information culture theory, communication theory, and body theory. For the graduation thesis, wrote about youth online communication and self-awareness from the perspective of "character." Also conducted research on word of mouth and branding from the same perspective.